big_brew_headerIf you’re one of those people who’s always wanted to get their homebrew on, but never knew where to start tomorrow is your best opportunity to learn how to turn grains and hops into beer. May 7rd marked the 30th anniversary of National Homebrew Day and to celebrate homebrewers are going to do what the do best, brew beer!

Each year on the first Saturday in May, homebrewers unite non-brewing and brewing friends and family to celebrate National Homebrew Day, joining with thousands of homebrewers from around the world in brewing the same recipes and sharing a simultaneous toast at noon Central Time.

You may be asking yourself, “Hey Mike, we’ve already passed the first weekend of May!”  And you’re right, but with Microfest going on last weekend, the St. Louis homebrewing clubs decided that they were going to hold off a week to make sure there wasn’t competing events on the same weekend.  So, National Homebrewing Day will take place this Saturday, May 9th in St. Louis.

Locally the two biggest homebrew clubs will be celebrating in two different locations. The Garage Brewers Society will be celebrating the event at O’Fallon Brewery while the St. Louis Brews will be brewing up a storm at Worm’s Way. Both locations will be offering up great food, great discussion and of course plenty of homebrew.