As we’re winding up the year, I thought I would go over my top moments in the beer world over this past year.  Please feel free to leave some of your top moments this year in the comments or in the forums, I’d love to read them.  In no particular order, my top moments of 2008:

beer 1338_1280x960.jpgGreat Taste of the Midwest
I honestly can’t say enough good things about this event. I can now easily understand why it’s one of the most sought after tickets in the beer community. A lovely setting, wonderful weather and some of the most rare beers available all in one location. If you find yourself in possession of a ticket, you must go.

beer 1618_1280x960.jpgSTL Hops First Anniversary Party
This is probably the event that means the most to me this year, it was great to see a local gathering of people that care so much about beer. Not only did we all get to hang out and drink some great beer, we also got to raise $800 for Stray Rescue. Just a fantastic time.

denver-056_1280x960.jpgGoing to the Great American Beer Festival
While I may not have enjoyed the actual festival very much, I did really enjoy all of the things that were going on during the festival. It was also pretty neat to meet Vinnie Cilurzo, Sam Calagione, Peter Bouckaert, Tomme Arthur and Garrett Oliver.

Two Hearted Cask at 33
beer 1709_1280x960.jpgHave you ever seen those nature films where it’s all quiet in the middle of the Savannah and then on the horizon comes a black cloud of locusts? That was what it was like that fateful night when 33 Wine Shop decided to bring in a cask of Bell’s Two Hearted IPA. And not unlike the locusts on the Savannah, once the land was left destitute they quickly disappeared. I hope this happens again soon.

Schlafly Cabin Fever
I may have had more fun at this year’s Hop in the City or Repeal of Prohibition Festival, but there was something extremely enjoyable and exhilarating about standing outside in 18 degree temperature watching huge beers like the Imperial Stout or the Barleywine start freezing to the serving tables.

Coming later this week, Photos from 2008 and my Wishlist for 2009.