While there is certainly a small (disturbed) minority of craft beer drinkers that don’t like canned beer, I count myself among the majority that understands how awesome a can is for craft beer.  I know I sound like a broken record: but it’s better for the environment, get cold faster (which is also better for the environment), and doesn’t let any light or oxygen in.

They’re superior vessel for beer.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more of our local breweries are getting on-board with cans. For one brewery, it’s a new foray into packaged beer.  For another brewery, it’s a new item.

First up, Kirkwood Station Brewing Co. will begin offering 16oz cans of their IPA and they’re Blackberry Wheat.  Both beers should be filled into cans next week with a short delay until they’re available on the market.  Here’s a look at the artwork:



4 Hands Brewing is also getting into the can game with their very popular hoppy wheat Contact High making its way into 12oz cans. According to 4 Hands’ Twitter feed, we should begin seeing these cans this April.


There are some more cans coming out from local breweries soon. When I get more information I’ll make sure to send it your way.