deschutes-mirrormirror-09“It’s not really barleywine season,” I heard someone say.

I mean, sure, some beers are definitely seasonal. Things like stouts and barleywines will definitely get more love in November than in August. But there are some beers that defy logic.

When Deschutes Brewery came to St. Louis, there were two beers that Deschutes fans were clamoring to get: Abyss and Mirror Mirror. Abyss makes its way here every year, but sadly we missed out on the last release of Mirror Mirror which hasn’t been available since 2009.

When Deschutes began their Reserve Series of beers, it began with a double batch of their flagship beer Mirror Pond. This oak aged barleywine pays reverence to the barrel-aging of the old world with new world ingredients.

You Deschutes fans better be ready because Mirror Mirror is back and will be available in St. Louis. To celebrate this event Deschutes is working with the International Tap House in the Central West End to launch the beer in STL. The event takes place this Wednesday, March 26th beginning at 5PM.

As an extra treat, this will also be a Keep the Glass night featuring the highly sought after Teku glasses that you glass nerds love (while supplies last.) Who am I kidding? I love them too!

And as a super extra fun treat, Deschutes brewmaster Brian Faivre sent along two bottles of 2009 Mirror Mirror that Karen King will be pouring samples of (also while supplies last.)

I don’t know if it’s barleywine season or not, but it’s certainly Mirror Mirror season.