It looks like Anheuser-Busch’s ‘Here’s To Beer’ campaign is planning on putting out a special print campaign celebrating Mayflower Day, the day the Pilgrims landed in the New World because they ran out of beer.

Sunday, Sept. 16, marks the anniversary of the day the Mayflower departed from England in 1620 in search of the New World. For more than two months, the passengers and crew weathered storms, sickness and starvation without taking to land — until they ran out of beer. Beer was their primary beverage because, at that time, water could have been dangerous.

While it’s a fascinating story, it’s not entirely accurate. The Pilgrims destination was originally planned to be far more south than they ended up (nearer to Virginia.) The Mayflower’s trip across the ocean took far longer than planned, so when the ship’s crew started to run low on beer they dumped the Pilgrims off at the nearest sighting of land because they needed enough beer to get home.

So make sure to lift a pint this Mayflower Day to some thirsty seamen trying to get their butts back home to England.