beer-954_1280x960.jpgOK, back to brewing this weekend after a 3 week break. I almost did an extract batch this weekend just to save a little time, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra $20-25.This weekend will be another Two Hearted IPA clone. I’m extremely happy with how this last one turned out, even if it is a bit cloudy. It smells and tastes fantastic. I’m probably going to end up making it my go to brewing beer from here on ou, hoping to perfect it along the way.

Pictured in the photo to the right is my Mango Blonde, my Raspberry Wheat and my Imperial IPA. After working on the Mango for 4 years, I think this is my last attempt.  I just don’t get any mango taste or aroma that comes through so it seems like a waste of time and energy.  It was a worthy effort but it’s time to hang it up.

You may remember my brewing schedule that I set up back in January, here’s the list as it stands right now:

Russian Imperial Stout
Two Hearted Clone

Belgian Dark Strong

Pumpkin Beer
Chocolate Cherry Stout

Robust Porter

Christmas Ale
Imperial IPA

80 Schilling
Southern English Brown

Belgian Dubbel
Oatmeal Stout
Two Hearted Clone

English Barleywine
Brown Porter

I originally was going to brew a Belgian Dark Strong this month, but the Belgian beers just aren’t doing it for me as much anymore. I find them a bit too sweet and I can’t drink more than one without wishing I had something a bit hoppier. So I’ve decided to move the Weiss beer up to May and I’m thinking about taking the BDS out all together and moving the English Barleywine up to June and finding something else to brew in December.

Also, if anyone is interesting in homebrewing and has never done it or if you just want to help, you’re always welcome to come over to the house and help out.