mattingly_84x128.jpgFriday the 13th, spooky stuff.  It’s even scarier when Drew Huerter from Mattingly Brewing Company decides to take a beer like his Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel and give it some funk.

This new series of sour beers will be released every Friday the 13th at 6PM from now on.  I’ll let Drew fill you in on the details:

St. Louis’ First commercially produced and available Belgian Style Sour Ale. On March Fridy 13th, some of our Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel veered off course and met with other travelers from far and wide. The Dubbel found shelter in an oak bourbon barrel. This barrel is made from Missouri grown white oak and worked into a barrel then sent to Kentucky to age bourbon for several years.

Our friends at the Schlafly Taproom then took the wood back to Missouri and aged their Imperial Stout in it. It then took a trip down Jefferson Ave. and met up with our Dubbel. This meeting would have been spectacular enough, but another group joined our wanderers, they are from Belgium.

The Rodenbach brewery is famous the world over for their range of Flanders Style Red Ales, which are funky, sometimes woody, malty and sour. The funk and sour are created by wild yeasts and bacteria, mostly brettanomyces and lactobacillius, but there are others.

These microrganisms joined up with our Dubbel in the barrel that fateful Friday the 13th, and every subsequent Friday the 13th they will emerge in limited quantities. 8% ABV

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the funk.