question_mark.jpgWe haven’t dipped into the old mailbag in a while, maybe someone could help these ladies out:

So my boyfriend and I are both STL beer fanatics.  I am trying to brain-storm a beer themed surprise.  Have considered splurging on VIP tickets to Soulard Oktoberfest, other beer festival tickets, etc.  But we tend to go to a lot of those things as a matter of course already.  Have you heard of any events happening in October or early November slightly off the standard festival beat.  Moulin sometimes does beer tasting menus at Vin de Set, but they don’t have any coming up.  Any other restaurants/brew pubs you can think of that do special tasting menus – perhaps on request if not as an event?  Anything you can think of off the top of the head would be great – but I know this is an unwieldy question.  Thanks for your time!

And this nice lady is looking for a Brazilian beer:

My husband is Brazilian and is dying to drink a Skol, its a Brazilian beer. I heard that there is a store downtown that sells them. Do you know anything about this or if Skol is available for purchase anywhere in St. Louis?

Can anyone provide any help for these questions?