Sauce Bytes is providing us with a small sneak preview of the new Lumière Place Burger Bar St. Louis and what looks to be an ambitious upcoming beer menu:

Think a double-cheese is too dull? Just wait; you’ll be able to order Buffalo Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Surf and Turf Burgers (Black Angus beef topped with a grilled half lobster) and even a Sweet Burger (a warm doughnut, chocolate ganache, passion fruit, strawberry and mint) when chef Hubert Keller opens the second location of his Burger Bar, in Lumière Place, Pinnacle Entertainment’s downtown casino development, later this year. Like the original Las Vegas location, Burger Bar St. Louis will offer gourmet takes on the American classic, including the Rossini Burger, which features Kobe beef, foie gras, shaved truffles and Madeira sauce and sells for $60. The new spot will also feature a large wine and beer menu, including 24 draft selections and 14 hard-to-find reserve beers from around the world.

If you can get past the idea of a 60 dollar burger (even if it sounds delicious) I’m curious what “14 hard-to-find reserve beers from around the world” means. If you’re not familiar with beer distribution, basically restaurants and retail stores cannot sell beer that they didn’t purchase from a local distributor. So if the distributor doesn’t carry the beer, you’re out of luck. So basically in my mind all of the hard-to-find reserve beers are beers that could still be easily found at any Liquor Store worth it’s salt.

Unless and this is a big unless, are actually hard-to-find reserve beer that they’ve been sitting on for a number of years. Four and five-year-old bottles of high gravity beer that can really get better after a number of years of aging. If this was the case it would be really exciting, the only other restaurant in the area that I know that does this is a Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, So while I’ll believe it when I see it (how often have we been let down before?) I’m going to hold out a little hope we’ll see more aged beers in St. Louis