Seems like more and more liquor stores are hopping on the collaboration bandwagon. And why not? You get to work one-on-one with the breweries to create something special for your customers.

This time around we have Lukas Liquor who has worked with Charleville Brewery to come up with a very special ale. Here’s some information about it:

Follow along the Saline Creek to discover our brewery nestled amongst our hillside vineyards. Saline Kriek is an Ale inspired from our love of beer and passion for wine. Brewed with cherries and aged for 9 months in Missouri White Oak Barrels which had previously fermented and aged our Estate Chardonel wine.

As with all of these collaborations, only a small amount of this beer was produced and it will be made available beginning tonight (Thursday, October 4th) from 5PM-7PM. I don’t expect it to last long, so make your way out to Lukas tonight to pick up a bottle.