Next in our series of label reviews that are not really reviews, but more the ramblings of an insane person: Odell IPA.

Odell IPA

Before I start this review, let’s make one thing very clear: the name of this brewery is Odell Brewing Company. Not O’Dell, Odell’s, or Oh”’Dalez’s. I never understood how hard it is for people to get this right. If I ever started a brewing company, I would name it Triskaidekaphobia Brewing, just to piss people off. The coolest part of this brewery is that all our beer would come in 13 packs.

I love this label right away because I don’t have to read the fine print to find out what kind of beer it is. “INDIA PALE ALE” it says. It doesn’t get more clear than that. They didn’t even bother with a stupid name like “Knuckle Sandwich” or “Hopfather” or “Rusty Trumbone.” It’s really annoying to have to google “rusty trumbone” just to find out about a beer.

Another great part of this label is the clear born on date. If you’re making an IPA and every bottle is not stamped with the date the beer was placed inside that bottle, FUCK YOU! A fresh IPA is always a better IPA and not knowing how old it is pisses me right off. Even worse are the few breweries that put on some kind of cryptic code that even John Nash can’t crack. Assholes.

The man riding the elephant like he’s an African cowboy got me thinking about a picture I saw recently of a 2 year-old and her mom riding an elephant at the circus. My first thought was “Circuses are still a thing?” Then I’m wondering, what kind of idiot would allow their child to ride on the back of a 20,000 pound wild animal?

I realize people have been riding elephants for thousands of years, but have you seen those videos where the elephants freak the fuck out? I mean, I can barely stay calm with a bunch of damn kids at Chuck E. Cheese, and I’m a rational human being. Elephants have a short fuse and could go elephant on you at any point. It’s best just to avoid the circus all together because you only come home with nightmares.

This label has two great things going for it, clearly marking what’s inside and when it was made. Even if part of the label made me think about clowns, which scare the shit out of me, I’m going to be confident in what I’m getting when I buy this, so sign me up.

8.2 / 10 on the Buyability Scaleâ„¢.