lost-abbey-jpg-smaller.jpgTomme Arthur is the head brewer of Lost Abbey/Port Brewing company out of San Diego. In his most recent blog posting, he drops this little nugget of info toward the end:

Post Great American Beer Festival, it looks like we will turn our attention to the Midwest and seek out some distribution in the greater Chicago area. We have been looking at this market long enough and it is time to move some beer towards the Great Lakes. If all goes well, you might even see some Lost Abbey beers on the shelves in time for Christmas. That won’t suck.

While this does not immediately affect us in St. Louis, all of the beers we currently see in Southern Illinois got there because of Chicago and some faithful beer nerds who made sure they make it down our way. So while there is no guarentee we’d see these beers in our area, the idea that it could be possible does not “suck.”