Lohr Distributing is certainly putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to local craft beer.  In the past couple of months, they’ve not only hired a craft beer manager, but they’ve also added Six Row Brewing, Morgan Street Brewing, Ferguson Brewing, and Griesedieck Brothers Brewing.

They’ve now added yet another brewery to their very impressive local line-up: 2nd Shift Brewing. “We’re pretty excited to be partnered with Lohr,” says Craig Borcherding of 2nd Shift,  “We think they are really headed in the right direction with their craft beer, and we’re glad to be part of it.”

The move allows 2nd Shift to leave the beer sales to the sales folks at Lohr and to concentrate on doing what they do best: Brewing beer. Speaking of which, they have some very exciting things coming down the pipe.

One of the first beers that will begin hitting local bars, as soon as this weekend, is a collaborative effort between 2nd Shift and The Civil Life Brewing Company‘s head brewer Dylan Mosley.  The beer, which is simply named “Collaboration”, is an IPA featuring a proprietary hop blend called Falconer’s Flight.  Craig from 2nd Shift has a description of the beer:

“A 6.2% ABV, 50 IBU hop-forward (surprise!) beer. It was brewed with a commercial proprietary hop blend called Falconer’s Flight. The blend is Simcoe, Citra, and Sorachi Ace heavy. It’s got big tropical citrus notes upfront, with some pine in the background. Lemongrass dominates the finish. We’d hoped that we could use Falconers Flight as a straight Simcoe substitute, but it is just too different. Still a cool hop blend though.”

Some of the other beers we’ll be seeing from 2nd Shift around the area soon include a revamped Wheat Freak, the Little Big Hop, and also Art of Neurosis. The latter, which has been missing from the local market due to a shortage of Simcoe hops, will be coming back in the next few weeks.