“Warm.” “Flat.” “Weird.”

Give a random person a cask beer and these might be some of the descriptors they might use to describe cask beer. But for craft beer drinkers, sometimes it’s the holy grail of beer.

Cask beer is typically served at cellar temperatures (55-60°) which your average beer drinker may consider “warm.” Cask beer is also not force carbonated which gives it a softer and less-pronounced level of carbonation. This style of serving beer is not for everyone. But those that love it, they can’t get enough of the stuff.

Last spring, Lohr Distributing‘s Cory King took a look at the International Tap House‘s cask program (which he also created) and thought, “Why aren’t we doing this here at Lohr?” So, Lohr purchased lots of firkins and began a cask program of their own.

“We want to be out-front of the craft beer market,” says Lohr’s Bob Gassoff, “We want people to see our commitment and devotion to craft beer in St. Louis. There is no better way to show our devotion than to honor the original form of serving beer.”

Rewards from this program have already begun to pay off with casks popping up around the area, including a cask of Six Row‘s Porter at iTAP and a cask of 2nd Shift Brewing‘s Art of Neurosis at the HandleBar. What else can we expect in the future? How about some casks from Green Flash Brewing in time for their kick-off on August 1st?

With firkins appearing everywhere, expect to see more and more cask beer in the St. Louis area in the upcoming months.