image003I know people have been asking about it and looking for it, your wait is almost over.  Starting next week, we should begin seeing Boulevard Brewing’s Boulevard Pilsner hitting the shelves.  Also, if you haven’t read it, visit KC Beer Blog for an awesome review of this beer.

What about the some of the sought after Smokestack beers?  Well, SeeYouLator Dopplebock is now available on store shelves and I’ve been told that 48 cases of  the Limited Release Saison-Brett should be arriving in October.
But the news I was most exciting about getting yesterday was that of a new kid on the Smokestack block.  In November, we should see the release of Harvest Dance Wheat Wine.  If you don’t know what a wheat wine is, think Barleywine, but with wheat.  I’m a big fan of these beers because the wheat adds a wonderful viscosity to the beer.

Maybe it’s just the weather these past two days, but I’m really looking forward to fall.