itap.jpgThis is a right-handed world.  Don’t believe me?  Ask a lefty how they feel about wirebound notebooks, scissors or trackballs.

But, while the lefties of the world have to be annoyed by of life’s little quibbles, they can always fall back on the fact they have a brewery that sticks up for them.

Left Hand Brewing is throwing a Pint Night at the International Tap House on Wednesday, December 16th from 7PM to 9PM.   Mike Walters from Left Hand will be in town and they’ll be featuring 400lb Monkey IPA.

They’ll also be offering up vintage kegs of Oak Aged Imperial Stout and St. Vrain Tripel. (High gravity beers not to be served in pints, but in proper glassware.)

Luckily, a good beer can be enjoyed in either hand.  No special equipment is required.