Unless you’re a duck, it’s pretty miserable outside.  I’m pretty busy right now, so I’ll put a few pictures up that I think you’ll enjoy.


You may remember the package of pure pleasure I received a few weeks ago thanks to my lovely girlfriend.  Never one to leave well enough alone or to even be satisfied with what I have, I went ahead and bought some more beer shipped in from California.  What you see there is:

  • Firestone Walker – Double Barrel Ale
  • Stone – Ruination IPA
  • Alesmith – Decadence Anniversary Ale
  • Lost Abbey – Red Barn Ale
  • Lost Abbey – Lost & Found
  • Alesmith – Horny Devil

I’m also supposed to be receiving another very special package from Lost Abbey in this week, two 375ml bottles of Red Poppy.   You may be asking yourself, “Mike, what the hell do you do with all of this beer?”  Let me show you:


Well, I drink what I can and I cellar a lot of it for special and not so special occasions.  Bill and Ellie saw this a couple of weeks ago and Bill proclaimed that I was becoming one of those “crazy beer guys.”  The ones that will never be able to finish all of the beer they collect.  He may be very well right about that, because I sometimes I have a hard time bringing myself to drink some of this.  I especially don’t enjoy drinking it by myself, these are the kind of things you enjoy with friends that will really appreciate it.