I’m not really a glass snob.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I try to pour my beer into a proper glass when I can, but I don’t concern myself too greatly when I can’t.  But what I do love is cool glassware.  Sure, it may not be the best thing for the beer, but sometimes it’s just fun to drink out of a neat glass.

For those of you that enjoy adding additional glasses to your collection, make sure to head out to the International Tap House in Soulard tonight, Thursday, May 12th, for a Lagunitas Brewing Keep the Jar night.  Starting at 7PM, this is your chance to pick up this very nifty glass featuring the Lagunitas logo.

There will also be a couple of Lagunitas beers to fill that glass, including the WTF, IPA, and the Lil’ Sumpin’ Wild. It may not be a tulip, but it’s sure a lot more fun.