stinks.gifFor the most part I ignore the constant struggles between the big boys. Oh sure they make hilarious commercials on occasion (Travashamockery and Real American Heroes come to mind) but they’re really nothing more than a distraction for the most part. Let’s face it, if Miller really wants to pretend they’re the beer with more taste, maybe they should add more than 8 IBUs of hops in?

But it looks like the Beer Wars are winding up again and this time the victims aren’t you and I, but the helpless dogs. As the owner of two Dalmatians in my lifetime, this is something I can’t stand idly by and watch as these noble animals are pawns in some sort of game.

Feel free to use frogs, lizards and even the occasional Bull Terrier, but leave the Dalmatians alone!

(In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool of Anheuser-Busch to make a donation to animal rescue groups across the U.S. in response to the Miller ad. )

Thanks to RealBeer Blog.