itap.jpgWhat if you created a red beer, but it wasn’t just red, it was very red.  What would you name it? Well, the guys at the International Tap House have a beer so red, it’s Sofa King red.  Say that name fast, just don’t say it in polite company.

It’s important to note that while this awesomely named beer will be nicknamed Sofa King Red at iTap, you’ll find it at Schlafly named as “American Red.”  Probably for the best that they didn’t try and push that name through the government.

This beer is a collaboration with Schlafly brewer Brennan Greene and former iTap manager Cory King.  Cory provided the idea, Brennan tweaked the recipe, Cory came up with the dry-hopping schedule, and the owners of iTap said, “Make it red!”

That’s a collaboration at its finest.  So, when can you get this bloody beer?  How about starting at Noon on Thursday, March 31st at iTap.  It’s a red beer to celebrate some redbirds coming out that day.  They’ll be throwing a party to celebrate this release with free hot dogs and nachos available at iTap Soulard during the baseball game.

If you can’t make it out to Soulard, this beer will be available at both iTap locations starting on Thursday.  Get out and try this very special really red beer.  It’s not just good, it’s Sofa King good.