itap-LOGOI’ve always railed against being a beer snob. I don’t find that beer snobbery really does anything to help advance craft beer. I don’t really see how being dismissive of what someone else is drinking promotes craft beer in a positive light.

I’m kind of a live and let live guy when it comes to beer. You drink what you want and be happy and I’ll drink what I want. It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve really begun drinking coffee. I never used to drink the stuff because, frankly, a lot of it is terrible. Acrid and sometimes burnt, it just never seemed pleasant to me.

But not unlike the craft beer scene in St. Louis has blossomed, so have coffee roasters that are looking to create the best quality coffee available in our area. My favorite part of this global coffee renaissance? The influx of AMAZING coffee beers we’ve been getting.

To celebrate this delicious amalgamation of malt and bean, the International Tap House in Soulard is throwing a coffee and beer event this Saturday, March 19th beginning at 10AM. They’ve got a killer line-up of coffee beers they’re going to pour.

And for you “football” fans, they’ll also be showing a full slate of English Premier League Soccer games. Head out to iTAP in Soulard this Saturday to start your day off right.

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