itap.jpgI’ll be completely honest, I didn’t think this would happen.  When Sean Conroy and Brad Lobdell announced two years ago that they were putting together a bar called the International Tap House which featured over 500 beers and no food, I was excited.  When they announced it was in Chesterfield, I was nervous.

It’s not that I thought it was a bad concept or that Brad and Sean couldn’t pull it off, it’s just that it was in Chesterfield. Would people show up?  Would that part of town attract a regular crowd?  Could a bar featuring almost nothing but beer and no food keep people coming back?

As it turns out, it all worked.  Not only did it work, it worked well enough that they opened a second location in 2010.  So here we are, two years later with two of the best beer bars in St. Louis.   So what?  So let’s dance!

Beginning January 31st through February 5th, iTAP will be celebrating their Second Anniversary all week long at the Chesterfield location.  Here’s a look at events they’ve planned throughout the week:

Monday: Tapping Bell’s Batch 10000 Keg and Free Grub (7PM)
Tuesday: Keep the Lagunitas Mason Jar Night.
Wednesday: Homebrew Night (Bring one growler or one bottle of your best homebrew to share.)
Thursday: Free T-Shirt for Passport Members
Friday: Casks, and lots of them.  More on this in a minute.
Saturday: Cask Tapping and Live Music

So, about this Friday cask event. At this moment they have casks of Racer 5, Red Rocket, and Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic lined up. They’re looking at getting more, but at minimum those three are very impressive.

So, let’s all raise a glass to iTap, as they’ve been pouring plenty for us over the past two years.