When I was filling out my 2009 Wishlist about a week ago I was toying with the idea of wishing for a local bar that’s sole focus was nothing but beer.  A megabar offering hundreds of beer choices.

8-door-cooler_1280x960.jpgI decided to leave it off the list because I didn’t want to seem like I was disparaging the local bars and restaurants that actually do put a lot of work into their beer lists and that today’s economics don’t really lend themselves to someone taking on such a monumental task.  So I scrapped the idea as a pipe dream and moved on.

Then a few days later I receive an email from Brad Lobdell telling me about a new bar that he and his business partner Sean are opening in Chesterfield called International Tap House, or iTap for short.  Brad proceeds to tell me that they’re going to be offering 40 taps and 500 bottles.

To top it off, it turns out that it’s going to be a “no smoking” location, you’ll be able to buy beer to take home and EVERY beer will be served in it’s proper glass. Oh and did I mention they’ll have WiFi? It’s almost as if Brad reached into my brain and pulled out my wish.

tap-cooler_1280x960.jpgWhile they won’t be serving any food on premises, they’re working with a couple of local restaurants (currently Surf Dogs, Foodies and East Coast Pizza) to offer deliveries right to the bar.  You just tell iTap what you want and they’ll order it for you.  That’s service.

Brad also sent me a copy of a very preliminary bottle beer menu that’s 20 pages long.  It’s arranged by style and features a short description of the style for those not familiar which each style. The list contains the country of origin, size of the bottle and ABV.

All and all, this is looking up to be a great new spot for beer in St. Louis.   The International Tap House has set their Grand Opening date for February 1st, Super Bowl Sunday.  Stay tuned for more information and photos over the next couple of weeks.

Update: Check here for full bottle list at iTap.