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Not only am I excited about the huge number of people coming to the party at the International Tap House tonight, but so are the owners Brad and Sean.  But let’s just lay down a few nuggets of information before this kicks off tonight.

While Brad and Sean are confident that everything is going to go smoothly and that they’re ready to open, please remember that this is the first night they’re going to be serving people.  So, please have some patience as there is always the possibility things don’t go smoothly.  Remember your first day on the job, now what if you had 170 people descend upon you at once?

While I’ve never had any sort of problem with anyone from here in the past, this is also a much larger group than we’ve had in the past.  We’re all adults, so I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to anyway.  Everyone please be cool.  We’re all here for a good time and to hang out with other beer nerds.  This is a very special opportunity for us and I don’t to ruin any future chances because someone is being a dick.

If you didn’t RSVP, please don’t crash.  While I’m extremely encouraged and excited about the enthusiasm for this party I don’t want a good time ruined by having a ton of uninvited people there.  This place will be open on Sunday, feel free to stop by then.

There is going to be paper up on the windows the entire evening.  Brad and Sean don’t want people driving by thinking they’re open.  So if you drive up and it looks dark, that’s why.

One last thing, be safe and be smart. If you’ve had too much, find a ride. We want you around for the next party. I’m very nervous excited for this event and can’t wait to see everyone tonight.