hot&heavy-2As long as you attended a remedial science class you know that while water freezes at 32° Fahrenheit, beer can sustain much lower temperatures. In fact, a 10% ABV beer can be chilled all the way down to 25° without being frozen.

With the weather being what it’s been this week, this is important knowledge. But, let’s be honest, most beers that are 10% ABV don’t taste great at 25°. Luckily, things are Hot and Heavy at Eclipse Restaurant tomorrow, February 20th thanks to 4 Hands Brewing.

Beginning at 5PM, Eclipse will be pouring five beers that are definitely big and will definitely help keep you warm. The line up will be 2013 Bona Fide, 2014 Bona Fide, Madagascar, Volume #1, and The Woodsman.

And luckily, as all beers are around 9-10%, we all know they won’t freeze at 28° tomorrow. Stay warm.