Well it’s about 15 minutes before the actual start of the event. I was expecting something rather chaotic but after 9 years of putting this event on it seems beautifully choreographed. I’ll be updating with pictures and information as the day progresses. It’s almost time to get the party started.

The piper has sounded and beers have begun pouring! The 9th Annual Hop in the City has begun!


My first beer of the day was a Belgian Dubbel, if you’re going to start, you may as well start strong.


Well it’s 12:45 and things are in full swing, the St. Louis Brews are putting on a home brewing demonstration. They’ve just doughed in the grain, 152.5 degrees, Drew was trying to hit 153, but it’s close enough.



1:10 – I’ve finally made my way over and tried the special festival release Biere de Garde. It’s a beautiful beer with a nice color and this slight tang that really reminds you that it’s a farmhouse ale.


1:40 – Casks have been broken out! They have the Pale Ale, APA and Biere de Garde out.


2:00 – Sparging has begun at the Homebrewing tent.


2:30 – Tents are packed, but luckily it doesn’t take much time to get a beer.


3:00 – Finally got a chance to get some food, while the pulled pork may look sparse, it’s quite tasty and the fries are freshly cut and cooked.


3:50 – Looks like the homebrew has finished boiling and now Drew is trying to cool it as quickly as possible using his immersion chiller.


3:50 – Live music and draft craft beer, can’t beat it.


5:02 – Well, that’s it, it’s over. 2500 people here to enjoy some of the best beer St. Louis has to offer. Beautiful weather, good music, great beer, about a good a Saturday as you’re going to get.