The Hill Brewing Company located at 418 S. Florissant Rd. in Ferguson, is set to open at 11AM this morning.  Some things have slightly changed since I took some photos of Hill Brewing last September.  For starters, Ray Hill is no longer involved in this venture.

Sounds like the economy is sort of to blame for Ray having to pull out, but according to an interview with Ray’s partner Joe Lonero in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it was an amicable departure.  What this means now is that the recipes that will be featured at the new brewery are the work of Dr. John Witte of  Square One Brewery and Augusta Brewery fame.

But, it’s important to note that Ray Hill’s signature Classic American Pilsner will still be brewed on site and will be available on tap.  Great to see another brewery opening up in St. Louis, especially that’s currently lacking any local brewpub options.

Be certain to check out some of the photos I took way back in September.