So, things kind of changed between the time I started crafting this post and now, so pay close attention. As some of you may know, there is a local food podcast in town that I’m apart of called StewedSTL.

What started off as a way to goof around and create a fun podcast has turned into something relatively popular. Because it’s gotten so popular, we really thought we needed to up our game and do a better job on the sound quality of the show.

The problem is, we’ve already dumped over $2000 into putting this podcast together. For the sake of our marriages/relationships, we thought the best option to raise another $2000 was to create a Kickstarter for our upgrade. So, we’ve had a lot of people rally around us to try and get this raised.

Which includes the fine folks at 4 Hands Brewing Company which will be hosting an event this Thursday, April 12 from 4PM-9PM in which they’ll be donating 25% of their “total ring.” Also, friends and guests of Stewed, Guerrilla Street Food will be there dishing up some tasting food that evening.

So, this is all awesome. Right?

Well, like I said at the beginning, things have changed a bit.  We actually reached our goal of $2000 this afternoon. Which is fantastic, it’ll really help a long way.  But, we have 8 days left to raise money, and while we could definitely use the extra money for some other equipment we have our eye on, it didn’t seem right keeping all of the overages that will come from the 4 Hands event.

So, now that we’ve raised the $2000, StewedSTL will be donating 30% of all of the overages to the St. Louis Area Foodbank.  So, if this was all confusing, here’s all you need to know:

StewedSTL Kickstarter Fundraiser
Thursday, April 12th
4 Hands Brewing Company
30% of the money StewedSTL raises that evening will go to St. Louis Area Foodbank

Come on out, have a few beers, get some great food, and have a great time.