heavyriffWhile Heavy Riff Brewing has been open for about a month, they haven’t been able to pour their own beer. Until today.

I’m happy to tell you that beginning today at 2PM, Heavy Riff Brewing will be debuting two beers. Owner Jerid Saffell explains the beer:

Velvet Underbrown – 6.2% and 30 IBU’s. This is a balanced and smooth brown ale featuring both lactose and golden naked oats. Very toasty with a dark chocolate note and very subdued hop character.

Super Session Hoppy Wheat – 4.8% and 18 IBU’s. Don’t let the IBUs fool you on this one off wheat beer. We took a moderate gravity wheat beer and dry hopped the bejeezus out of it with Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. The result is an aroma featuring prominent citrus, melon and tropical notes. Moderate bitterness with tons of hop flavor and a nicely balanced wheat character make this an incredibly sessionable hop bomb.

Tonight is also their “vinyl night” bring in your favorite vinyl and they may spin it. Vintage Vinyl has also given them a $50 gift certificate which they’ll be giving away. Head up to Heavy Riff and try out their new beers!