growlers.gifI wouldn’t consider myself an emotional man but as I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely noticed I’m a bit more nostalgic. Don’t get me wrong, most nostalgia is pretty much malarkey, the “good old days” weren’t especially great.

Let’s take the “good old days” of the St. Louis craft beer scene. Sure, there was a time when we could find Dogfish Head and Three Floyds on shelves in Illinois. But, let’s be honest, these beers were often the old dregs that came downstate from Chicago that we still drank because we didn’t have another option.

For me, the “good old days” meant arriving at Growlers Pub every Friday night to fill out a beer card and enjoy some NTN. So, the announcement on Saturday that Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills had closed left me with a pang of sadness.

Looking back, it wasn’t that the food was particularly great or that the beer selection was fantastic. But it was certainly a bar that I called “home” for a few years. Celebrated some great times there and had a couple of pints after having to go through the pain of putting down our dog. Like any regular, you got to know the people that worked there and any issues that normal people would complain about were just things you thought of as part of the charm.

Growlers was also the place where I discovered that I loved beer. I’ve told this story before, but the Growlers in Creve Coeur was when I had my beer “aha” moment.

I could spend the rest of this post discussing what went wrong and how Growlers could still be open today, but why bother? There are people that worked there out of a job today and a place I once called “home” is now closed. Nostalgia may cloud our judgement, but at least it leaves us with good memories.