It’s always cool to develop new relationships. As this site has developed, so have the relationships. Well we are happy to introduce a new one, and this one is pretty cool! If you head on over to Growlers Pub, you’ll notice their new Seasonal Menu has hit. How’s that a new relationship you ask?

Well Growlers Pub and STLHops are proud to announce the “STLHops Selection” as a choice on the menu. Each month, or whenever the selection runs dry, we’ll have a hand in picking the next choice. With a partnership with Major Brands, we’ll be choosing beers that are either limited, harder to find, or just fun.

To kick things off, we’ve been lucky enough to secure a few kegs of Schlafly 20th Anniversary Volume 3 Citrus Wit to highlight the bottle release of this beer. Here’s a little info from Schlafly:

No.20 – Volume 3: Citrus Witbier

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 19

•Appearance: Light golden, hazy
•Process: Belgian unfiltered, Flavored with coriander and orange, lemon and grapefruit peel
•Hops: Tradition
•Malt: Euro-Pils, White Wheat, Torrified Wheat
•Yeast: Belgian Witbier
•OG: 14.4
•SRM: 3.5

To celebrate 20 years of Schlafly Beer, our brewers past and present offer you the anniversary series of four beers.

Schlafly 20, Volume 3: Citrus Wit is designed and brewed by our third generation of Schlafly brewers (1998-2008: Neal Curtis, Matt Peterson, Joseph Davis, Eric Roy, Bill Joslyn, Matt Murphy, Nick Vickery, Chris Faerber), who were instrumental in our transition from local brewpub to regional brewery. With the third generation comes experience from brewers who joined us from around the country and world; Citrus Wit is a collaboration of this shared experience.

This traditional Belgian-style white beer is flavored with orange, lemon and grapefruit peel and coriander to refresh a parched palette.

This is just the start of our new relationship, so keep checking back and head into Growlers to check out their
full list of beers and get ready for news of some cool upcoming events!