GlobalBrew_MainLogo_RGBWe’ve been #blessed with a plethora of craft beer options in St. Louis. But, I’ll be a little selfish and say that I haven’t been as lucky in my neck of the woods.

Sure there are more than a few awesome places that I can get to via a short car trip, but if we’re being honest, walking back from a bar is the safer, smarter, and more responsible choice after you’ve imbibed a few pints.

So I’m happy to break the news that Global Brew Tap House is coming across the river into Missouri and will open their first St. Louis location in Rock Hill. Global’s Lauren Vardaman let me know that they’ve signed a lease at 9578 Manchester Road in the Market at McKnight development.

Now that the lease has been signed, I’ve been told that construction should begin shortly with a estimated opening date of summer of 2015.  This is wonderful news for those of us that live in the Webster/Rock Hill/Glendale area.  More craft beer options are better for us craft beer fans.

Hopefully we’ll have more information and construction images as things start moving.  Congrats to the Global Brew team!