image002I remember when Founders Brewery began releasing beers back in June, one of the first questions asked to Founders Director of Sales, Michael Bell was, “Why don’t we get your Pale Ale?”  Founders makes a Pale Ale, but it was originally just for their Michigan customers.

His answer was basically that there are a lot of Pale Ales in many markets and they didn’t want to be just another Pale Ale on the shelf.  That’s a fair answer, it does seem like most breweries have a Pale Ale and no one wants their beer to feel like it’s just a fallback.

But, that doesn’t mean that requests for the beer don’t stop from coming in.  So, never one to disappoint their loyal fans, Founders has begun distributing their Pale Ale to eight of the fourteen states they currently distribute to.  We’re one of those lucky states.

This is an easy drinking 5.4% ABV beer with 35 IBUs of bitterness.  The recipe for their beer consists of nothing but Cascade hops; so you know you’re in store for a beer with a wonderful citrusy aroma and flavor.

This beer was just recently released in the market, so it should now be on the shelves of your favorite local retailer.