As reported by the Riverfront Times’ Gut Check (and I guess also the St. Louis Business Journal, but it can’t be seen online) it looks like St. Louis is getting our own Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. If you’re not aware of the Flying Saucer, it’s a chain of restaurants mainly located in the south that have a heavy emphasis on craft beer.

When I last visited the Kansas City Flying Saucer, they looked to have about 200 bottles and 100 draught lines. If the St. Louis location, which looks to be going in at 1120 Spruce Street downtown, has that many taps, it’ll easily be the largest amount of draught beer available in St. Louis.

Now, the discussion that’s popped up around the Flying Saucer has certainly been chain vs. local. As many of you know, we have more than few spots that have plenty of craft beer available. Some may ask, why do we need another. In my eyes, the biggest (and best) thing about the Flying Saucer is the location.

Without a doubt, this location is going to attract a big crowd around Cardinal games. For those of us singing the praises of craft beer, having more people exposed to craft is only going to help us all in the long run.

I was a big fan of the Kansas City location and absolutely look forward to the St. Louis location. Can’t wait to get beamed up.