There are tons of terrible clichés that could easily start off this post and I’m sure there will be some littered throughout the rest of this post as I write it.  It’s incredible to think that STL Hops has been around for over five years.

It’s incredible to think about how much has changed in five years. For one, I never expected this site to take off the way it has. When I originally started the site was just a way to put up silly but meaningful posts about what was good and bad about the St. Louis beer scene.  And five years ago, we all had plenty to complain about.

But then, in a stroke of luck, STL Hops came about right at the time of a beer renascence in St. Louis. I don’t need to tell you how much things have changed in the past few years. We’ve all been riding an amazing wave of beer in St. Louis. There are very few places you can walk into and not see at least a Schlafly beer on tap. If you love beer, we’re living in a pretty fantastic time in St. Louis.

Can things stand to improve? Absolutely. I know people won’t like to hear it, but we’re not one of the best beer cities in the US… yet. I think we’re on the cusp of greatness and we’ll soon be among the ranks of giants. We’re well on our way and we’ll all get to enjoy the fruits.

But I digress, more than anything I think the one thing I’m most proud of with STL Hops is the creation of a community of beer fans. Without a doubt, we’re one of the most energetic, opinionated, honest, and passionate communities of beer lovers in the nation.

We’ve created our own homebrew club, we’ve raised money for charity, and we’ve certainly helped to shape the local St. Louis beer scene. I never meant for any of this to happen but I’m damn proud it has.

For me personally, it’s allowed me to take my passion and turn it into a career. That’s a truly impressive thing that I couldn’t be more appreciative of. It’s also given me more people I can call friends than I could honestly count.

I’ve said it many times before, but STL Hops is not about one single person, but about the group as a whole and I couldn’t be more proud. We will indeed have another anniversary party and I will have details about it up soon.

Thank you again, this website couldn’t be what it is without you all.