@MurdarioStomp: firestone walker, deschutes, and stone – all coming to MO (1 now confirmed to be here soon). the west coast arrives in MO. #tearsinmyeyes

That preceding tweet came from long time STL Hops member scottyp.  I think Scotty does a great job of summing up the excitement and exhilaration some  of us have for getting in additional breweries from the west coast which will only increase our already impressive line-up.

Well, according to Firestone Walker Brewing Company‘s Export Director John Bryan, the label approval (something all liquor must go through in the state of Missouri) has been approved and we should be seeing Firestone Walker beers here soon.

How soon? Well, according to Brian Dix from Major Brands, the soon to be distributor of Firestone Walker, they’ve been told to get their orders ready which means we could see news beers within the next few weeks.  But no date has been set.

What beers will we be getting? Here’s a recap:

  • Nectar IPA (part of their Nectar Ales line, year-round)
  • Red Nectar part of their Nectar Ales line, year-round)
  • Nectar Hemp Ale Nectar Ales line, year-round)
  • Double Jack (22oz year-round)
  • Walker’s Reserve (22oz year-round)
  • Abacus (seasonal)
  • Parabola (seasonal)
  • Anniversary 14 (seasonal)

A few notes about these beers. I’ve been told we’ll be seeing not only 12oz and 22oz bottles (where applicable) but also draught on certain beer as well. I’ve been told we should also hopefully expect to see some Anniversary 14 when the first order arrives.

I’ll make sure to get the information out when these new beers arrive.  Stay tuned.