As of 2010, there were over 235 breweries in California, it looks like before the end of the year, Missouri will have access to one more that previously wasn’t available.  I have it on good information that the Firestone Walker Brewing Company will soon be coming to Missouri.

Rumors have circulated on the Internet since a post on RateBeer yesterday indicating that we would soon see the Nectar lineup from Firestone Walker, along with some of their specialty seasonals and a selection of their 22oz lineup.

After confirming with an unnamed source, I can now happily announce that this isn’t a rumor and St. Louis should hopefully see a small selection of beers from Firestone Walker before 2011. Here’s a look at what should be coming down the pipe:

  • Nectar IPA (12oz year-round, 2010 GABF Silver Medal Winner)
  • Red Nectar (12oz year-round, 2010 GABF Gold Medal Winner)
  • Nectar Hemp Ale (12oz year-round)
  • Double Jack (22oz year-round)
  • Walker’s Reserve (22oz year-round)
  • Abacus (seasonal)
  • Parabola (seasonal)
  • Anniversary 14 (seasonal)

You may notice that the year-round lineup from Firestone Walker is missing. I’ve been told that they’re still working on meeting demand for those beers, so it may be a little bit before they arrive in St. Louis. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we couldn’t possibly see a keg of something in the future.

Watch for more information about this exciting news in the next few weeks after the ink dries on contracts.