schlafly_128x128.jpgGot a chance to sit in on a Schlafly Town Hall meeting on Monday and came away with some nifty information about some new beers that will be coming down the pipe.

Burn Ward Wheat

This will be the next addition to the Brewers’ Choice series being put out by the Bottleworks.  As this beer is being by by Drew Huerter, I’m sure you can already imagine what this will be like.  Luckily, Drew gave me a run down of the beer:

50 IBUs
~35% Wheat Malt
5% Munich
5.5% CaraVienne
Columbus (Bittering)
Simcoe (Whirlpool/Dry Hop)
Palisade (Whirlpool/Dry Hop)
German Tettenang (Whirlpool/Dry Hop)
6.87% ABV

So, for all of you looking for that hoppy wheat beer, Drew is helping out. This should be available later this month.

Augie’s Wedding Cream Ale

When brewers at Schlafly get married, they get a chance to brew a beer. Augie got married, and he chose an American Cream Ale as his beer of choice. Rather than me try and describe the beer, I’ll leave it to Augie:

It was brewed with 17% Illinois grown corn, “Alhambra Corn”, using a traditional cereal mash. The rest of the grain bill was made up of 2-row brewers malt. OG was 12.9P and the finished beer ended up coming in at 5.5%abv. Hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh to 20IBU. Fermented on the cooler side, 62F, with Taproom American Ale yeast (WLP051) to give a nice, clean fermentation character. Lagered for three weeks to really smooth out the beer.

In general, I think using some local ingredients really adds to the “craft” of “craft beer”. That was really one of the big drivers behind this beer. Overall the style is fairly straightforward, but the use of local corn gives an interesting twist.

We went to some extremes just to be able to use the corn. We actually performed the cereal mash at The Stable and then loaded the corn mash (about 80 gallons worth) into coolers to transport to The Taproom. The coolers were then dumped into the mash tun as the rest of the grain was being mashed in.

Despite the complicated nature of all this, the whole operation went fairly smoothly (minus one cooler). Needless to say, this beer will never be made this way again. It is truly a “one-off”.

This will be on draught starting tomorrow at the Tap Room. As only 15bbls were brewed, this is sure to go fast.

Blueberry Cider

There has been a strong response to all of the ciders that Schlafly creates, and I’m sure this one will be no exception. This went on draught yesterday at the Schlafly Bottleworks. It’s a very nice blend of blueberries with apple cider. Expect more ciders at the Tap Room and Bottleworks in months to come.

Schnucks Culinaria Ale (No official name yet)

Schnucks really loved the response to the previous Culinaria beer and they’re looking to do another.  This beer is still in the planning stages, so they’re still working out all of the details, but at the moment it’s looking like a Raspberry Oatmeal Stout that will be blended with a different Kaldi’s Coffee roast than the one that’s being used for the Coffee Stout.

As things are still up in the air on this beer, you can possibly expect some changes.

Schlafly American IPA

You’ve spoken and Schlafly has listened, this comes from James Ottolini (but please call him Otto) Head of Brewing at the Schlafly Bottleworks:

For what it is worth, we did not plan for their to be such a response to the AIPA. We have made another smaller batch at Bottleworks and tweaked a few things. It was dry hopped this week and if all goes well with our production schedule this beer will be packaged and sent to distributors the week before fourth of July weekend. This will be the last AIPA for the Special Release series for the summer. This batch will have more hop aroma and bitterness.

Always good to see when companies listen to their customers and help create a better product.