buffalologo.gifDave Johnson emailed me late last week and filled me in on a few new beers we’ll be seeing at Buffalo Brewing Company in the next couple of months. The first new ones we should be seeing are Oktoberfest Lager and a Belgian Pale Ale which Dave describes as “very tasty.”

Also in the mix is a DunkelRye. Dave was planning on brewing a Dunkel and there was a suggestion made of adding some Rye. Dave thought that was an awesome idea and the DunkelRye was born. That was brewed just this past Sunday, so it’ll be a little while until we see it. But that sounds pretty exciting.

If you have any idea for beer styles that you would like to see at Buffalo, feel free to leave them in the comments.  One of the things Dave loves so much about Buffalo is that it affords him the chance to really have fun and brew different things that can break up the monotony of brewing the same thing day in and day out.