buffalologo.gifWorking together is one of the most impressive aspects of the craft beer industry.  They know if they don’t stick together, they could die alone.  In my opinion, there is no city in the US was this is more prevalent than in St. Louis.  I’m always impressed how these guys stick together.

It’s in this spirit of teamwork that collaborations come together.  This time around we have arguably two of the best brewers in St. Louis, Dave Johnson and Drew Huerter, working together to create a truly unique beer at Buffalo Brewing. Dave and Drew have dubbed this beer a “Belgo-American Rye IPA.”  Here’s a description of the beer from Dave:

Made with Golden Promise, Vienna, Honey Malt, and malted Rye. Then we added cane sugar, unrefined hard brown sugar, orange blossom honey, buckwheat honey and generic honey. Its hopped with Magnum, Summit, Mt. Hood, and Centennial. It should be around 6-6.5% depending on where it finishes at the OG was 14.5P.

That is a complex set of ingredients that should prove to be a very distinct end product. This beer should be released next week, so keep checking the STL Hops Twitter feed to see when it is ready to go.