schlafly3color.gifHow often has this happened to you?  You’ve wandered down to the Schlafly Tap Room on a Tuesday or Wednesday and try and order up a delicious pint of cask ale and you’re quickly told, “Sorry, we’re out of the cask beer.”  It’s a harrowing tale, to be sure, but it looks like those scary days are now behind us.  According to Mitch Turner, two different casks of beer will now be available at the Tap Room seven days a week.

Now, there are two caveats with this.  The first is that since these are casks beers they can be tempermental and there may be times where two casks may not be available.  Though if the server tells you that there is only a single choice for your cask pleasure, I’m sure you’re somehow recover.  The second caveat is that it’s up to us beer aficionadosto make sure these casks continue to run dry.

As you may know, cask beer has a relatively short shelf life of about seven days, so if it all doesn’t get drunk up, it goes to waste.  If it starts going to waste, then they’ll probably scale back to one or two casks per week again.  We don’t want to see this happen, do we?  So do your part and drink up!

Shout out to Carl for bringing this to my attention.