summertimeComing up on Thursdays this summer, we’re going to have Discussion Day. I’ll pose some sort of question and I’d like to know what people’s thoughts and opinions are. We’re going to start it off easy today.

Summer may just have started, but this sweltering weather seems to have no end in sight.  So what are some of your favorite beers to quench your thirst this summer?  Have you been sticking with some of your old standbys or have you been moving to lighter, easier drinking beers?

Personally, I don’t change my habits that much.  I don’t particuarly enjoy the bearing heat, so the wonders of modern indoor environmental thermal comfort mean that I’m willing to drink a Dark Lord, even in August.  But if I’m out with friends on a warm summer evening I’ll usually lighten up my choices.

I’m a big fan of Schlafly Weissbier this time of year.  Light and refreshing with a ton of wheat character.  It has a wonderful banana/clove aroma that makes it completely engaging.

While it comes in at 8% ABV, I have to say I really think that Boulevard’s Tank 7 saison is just a wonderful summertime beer.  Nice and dry with a zip of hops that never interferes or overwhelms the Belgian yeast.  It’s very refreshing, just don’t drink too many of them.

With all of the discussion about Belgian Witbiers in John’s KYS yesterday, I was a little surprised to see one of my favorite wits wasn’t mentioned.  Hitachino Nest White Ale (you know, the one with a cute owl on the label) was one of the first beers that made me realize that wheat beers don’t have to be bland and boring.  The spicing is prevelant, but never overpowering.

What are some of your favorites?

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