declarationfullThis post was originally going to be about your beer cellars, but instead I’m turning to a different topic.  This weekend being the  celebration of America’s Independence, I’m asking the question, “What was the defining moment that caused your independence from American light lagers?”

This isn’t to say that you’re fully independent from the occasional big boy beer, but obviously there was one moment in your life that made you say, “Wow, beer can be so much more.”

Personally, I can remember the day specifically.  It was November 29th, 2002, the day after Thanksgiving.  A few of us had to work the day after Thanksgiving and we weren’t very thankful for that.  But the day was made all the better when we decided to cut out of work a little early and head to Growlers Pub in Creve Coeur.

It was there that I had my first draught Newcastle Brown.  It was an amazing experience, so malty and drinkable.  It was my go to beer for sometime to come after that.  But it really opened my eyes to the fact that beer didn’t just have to be yellow and fizzy.

So what was your moment?  What revealed the wide world of beer to you?