While reviewing a copy of a new book I was sent called The Beer Trials, I noticed that they scored their beers from 1 to 10.  If it wasn’t obvious, 1 is the lowest score a beer could get and 10 is the highest.

Grading systems like this can certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, one thing it certainly provides is an easy to understand system of whether they think a beer is good or bad.  The most interesting thing about the ratings in the Beer Trials is that there isn’t a single grade below 3 or above 9.

I’m not going to dwell on the low end of the scale as we’ve all certainly had beers that could be rated with negative numbers.  Instead I was fascinated by the fact there wasn’t a single perfect beer out of 250 reviews.

Part of this is because they had multiple people provide reviews of a single beer at one time.  So, even if one person give the beer a 10, another people could just give it an 8 and now we’re left with an average of 9.  But it’s still quite interesting to see that a perfect beer didn’t exist within the book.

Maybe the other part of the problem is that part of having a perfect beer is often the experience.  It’s amazing to think how much environment and company can provide to having what can amount to “beer utopia.”  I refuse to think there doesn’t exist a perfect 10.

What are some of your perfect 10 beers?