Maybe this is a self-serving discussion, but hey, it’s my blog!  After what went down yesterday, I’ve had a few people suggest that I should break into the beer business.

The question is how and where? I’ve had a ton of people inquiring about how to work at one of the local breweries and my suggestion is, that you need to be persistent (but not annoying.)  You need to keep talking to the brewers, owners, managers, etc.  Let them know that you’re interested.

But what if you’re interested in beer, but not interested in being a brewer?  While the local craft beer business is big to us, it’s really a drop in the bucket compared to the beer business as a whole.  There aren’t a ton of opportunities that are just jumping out at people.

So, I’m thowing this question out to the local pros.  What would you suggest for the beer enthusiast to do to break into the biz?