IMG_8891I received two press releases this week from breweries that announced that in the near future we would no longer be seeing their beers with twist off bottlecaps and would be moving to a pry off bottlecap.

It got me to thinking, does it really matter that much?  I mean, the obvious benefit of the pry off is that they can be reused for homebrewing.  There is even talk that pry off caps provide more of a barrier against oxygen.

But according to Steve Harrison, vice president of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, in the tests they’ve done “they found a slight difference, but not enough to have a significant effect on the beer.”

One of the other big benefits for pry offs is that the equipment is cheaper for craft brewers to purchase, and with the price of beer nowadays, cheaper equipment is always better for the overall cost of beer.

Ask a group of beer nerds for a bottle opener and I’m sure they’re going to produce three or four openers so fast it’ll make your head spin.  But what if you forgot your opener that day?  How then do you open your bottle?

Then there are twist off caps.  Their biggest benefit is that they can be opened at any time without an opener.  But do twist off caps hurt the image for a craft beer?

What are your thoughts?