itap-teku2There are some members of the STL Hops community that take their glassware very seriously. No judgment here, not only can the right glassware enhance the enjoyment of the beer you’re drinking, but they can also look cool as well.

The Teku glassware definitely hits both points. What if you could not only get yourself a fantastic glass, but enjoy some rare Deschutes beers in it as well?

Well, you’re in luck because this Wednesday, February 25th beginning at 6PM you’ll have your chance to take home a Teku glass and enjoy a crazy line-up of beers from Deschutes Brewery.

The International Tap House in Soulard will be hosting a Teku Keep The Glass night featuring 2014 Abyss, Mirror Mirror, Not the Stoic, and Zarabanda.  There is a limited number of glassware available, so don’t be late for this one.