It all started with a business card left at the International Tap House last November. Then we had a bit of a premature bite of what we thought was going to be a release in July. But now, I can officially be official and announce that the release date for Deschutes Brewery in St. Louis will be Monday, January 9th.

As exciting as this is, just be forewarned that this will be a gradual roll-out in the area with draught beer coming in and possibly some 22oz bottles as well. Throughout the rest of the year, expect to see the full line of 6-packs along with specialties and draught as well.

If you just can’t wait until January, you can experience a small piece of Deschutes next week. Deschutes brewer Brian Faivre will be visiting the iTap Soulard on Monday, December 5th starting at 7PM. It’ll be just an informal meet and greet as Brian isn’t able to get us any beer just yet.  But it’ll be a good opportunity for you to pick the brain of an outstanding brewer and for us to show some support for Deschutes’ upcoming roll-out.

The beer scene in this town keeps getting better and better, and with Deschutes making their arrival we’re just that much closer to beervana.