So my wonderful girlfriend Irene was required by her school to visit Denver for a conference this past weekend.  What this meant for me was 3 days in the Denver area to try and pack in as much beer stuff as was possible. So, starting today, I’m going to be showing some photos of my trip and provide you with a few highlights as well.

Day 1 – Wynkoop, Great Divide and Falling Rock

A few notes:

  • As a traveler, it’s awesome when your plane arrives at 9AM in your destination city.  As a beer traveler, it’s not as much fun, because nothing is open yet.
  • Luckily the Wynkoop opened at 11AM, which means we were able to grab some food (eh..) and some beer (good!)  Charlie Berger is making some good beer over there.
  • Great Divide’s tasting room is very nice, but a little cramped when it’s crowded.
  • “Excuse me tour lady, did you just say that Great Divide is in 33 states and that you will only produce 9000 barrels this year?”  Holy crap.
  • Ahhhh Falling Rock.  How I love thee.  We have some awesome beer bars in St. Louis, but there is just something about Falling Rock that makes me swoon.
  • You’ll notice the tents outside of Falling Rock.  They were having a Fresh Hop Festival that day, unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to attend.