This was our last full day in Denver, so we headed to Fort Collins, CO to check out New Belgium Brewing.  I was lucky and was able to visit New Belgium last year during GABF.   While my tour last year was a lot of fun, this year we got a tour from New Belgium’s Sensory Specialist, Lauren Salazar.

Notes from Day 3, New Belgium Brewing:

  • It shouldn’t surprise you that this place is huge.  Just enormous.
  • Which is why they’re on schedule to do 500,000bbls this year.
  • This first photo below is the original brewing system that New Belgium started with.
  • Check out Sponge Bob eating a pizza!
  • Yes, this is the second day in a row I got to visit the top of a brewery’s fermentation tanks.
  • As you may know, this company is very green.  You can see the new solar panels they’re installing.
  • Drinking beer right off of the large wooden barrels is really cool.
  • I asked Lauren about the change in La Folie, she told me that she realized that she was making the beer more for her palette and not for the consumers.  Which is why the sourness has been scaled back a bit to make for a more balanced beer.
  • While we saw the bottling line, we didn’t actually get to see it in action.
  • But I did get to see it last year and I’ve included a video below.
  • Yes, that really is a slide and yes you really can slide down it.